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Kronotsky Nature Reserve

One of Russia's largest and oldest protected areas, with over a million hectares of pristine nature on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The Valley of the Geysers is one of five places in the world with a large concentration of geysers, thermal springs, and colorful mud pots. Twenty five beautiful volcanoes, including eight active ones dot the land. More than 800 brown bears make up the worlds largest protected population.
Association of Kamchatka Nature Protected Areas
An NGO created to provide support for protected areas, represent and defend members' interests, create a unified network for preservation and study of Kamchatka ecosystems, and promoting environmental education. The organization's motto is "By protecting nature we maintain life!"
Zapovednik – Nature Protection Fund
The fund was created to unite the efforts and resources of state agencies, NGOs, business, and the public on wildlife conservation. Its goals are to preserve natural heritage and harmonize relations between humans and nature in the field of sustainable social, economic and cultural development of the Russian Far East.
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