Wilderness of Russia Photo Exhibitions

Protected Areas

Wilderness is the pride of Russia. In our country the creation of nature reserves, national parks, sanctuaries, and natural monuments is a traditional and effective form of solving global and local environmental problems. Today protected areas cover 11.4% or 206.7 million hectares of the country.

Our aim is to inspire you to travel around Russia and to help you understand the importance of preserving pristine nature. Come to Russia where protected areas will amaze you! Our country is not only endless taiga, frigid seas, and rolling steppes, but also a place where you will discover volcanoes and geysers, pristine river systems, lakes, and ancient forests teeming with biodiversity. Experience the marine life of the Pacific Ocean or the austere beauty of inaccessible mountains.

We invite guests from all over the world to learn about the nature of our country. We can help you plan your visit to unique natural places in Russia's nature reserves and national parks.

To see the beauty of Russia with your own eyes, you just need to want it!