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Altai Nature Reserve

Altai Republic
In the center of the Asian continent there is the mighty mountain range of Altai. Here is one of the centers of biological and landscape diversity of the world. To preserve the nature of the Altai Mountains in pristine purity and inviolability, in 1932 the Altai State Nature Reserve was established on the right bank of the Teletskoye Lake, the Chulyshman River and its upstream. Every year growing stream of people wants to see the mountain beauty and know the mysteries of history and ancient culture. All this was recognized by the world and allowed UNESCO to include the Altai in 1998 in the prestigious list of World Natural Heritage sites called "Golden Mountains of Altai". Altai Reserve and Teletskoye Lake are one of the clusters of this nomination.
The Altai Reserve belongs to the international system of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.
The Teletskoe lake. Photo - Igor Shpilenok
Panorama from the observation deck of Mountin Chichelgan near by Yajlu. Altai Nature Reserve. Photo - Pavel Filatov
The best time for visit is from May to September.

What to see: There are six eco-educational one-day trails in the Altai Reserve. Water-hiking ecological and educational trail Yailyu terrace - Cape Chichelgan, water-hiking ecological and educational trail Bele terrace (cordon Bele - Bele terrace), water-hiking eco-educational trail Corbu waterfall, water-hiking eco- educational trail Baskon Waterfall (Cordon Chelusch - Baskon Waterfall), the water-hiking eco-educational trail Kokshi Waterfall, the ecological educational trail Uchar Waterfall.

How to get by car:
By car or by bus, you can depart from the cities of Novosibirsk, Barnaul and Gorno-Altaisk to Artibash - the mouth of the Teletskoye Lake, then - the lake traffic.
By car you can reach the village of Yailyu - the central manor of the Altai Reserve.

Lake traffic (in summer): Motor ships, boats and motor boats run throughout the summer period. Carriage is handled by private entrepreneurs.
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