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Sochi National Park

Krasnodarsky Krai
Sochi National Park became the first park organized in the Russian Federation to preserve etalon ecosystems. It is located in the far south of the country. The territory of the park is unique with the close neighbouring of subtropical seascapes and high mountains with the most interesting and complex in Russia spectrum of high-altitude zones. The broken grounds, the abundance of mountain rivers, the originality of the climate create unique conditions for the relict and narrow-endemic species of flora and fauna.
In the park there are unique for Russia broadleaved woodlands of the Colchis type, there are many picturesque waterfalls, springs, mountain lakes, mineral springs, karstic formations, including caves. The unique historical and cultural heritage, including objects of dolmen and early Christian culture, allow the guests to move into the remote past and feel themselves as a resident of the ancient Caucasus.
To describe the Sochi National Park a few words are enough: FOREST, WATER, MOUNTAINS, PEOPLE. Here you can find routes available for family holidays.
The Byzantine Church.
The Dolmen in Sochi National Park
Central Avenue in the Sochi National Park
Central Avenue in the Sochi National Park
Best time for visit: all year round

What to see: Museum of Nature, Byzantine temple, valley Berendeevo kingdom, Akhun tower, Crab gorge, Koryta gorge, Devichye slezy waterfall, Chudo-krasotka waterfall, Khmelevskie lakes, Volkonskoe gorge with dolmen and hydrogen sulphide source, arboretum.

How to get to:
Taking into account that Sochi National Park is located on the territory of Bolshoy Sochi, you can get here by any ground, air and water transport going to the resort city.
Phone: +7-622621842
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