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Baikal-Lena Nature Reserve

Irkutsk Oblast
Baikal-Lena Nature Reserve is 100 km of Baikal lake shore, Baikal ridge and endless steppe of water collection of the longest in Russia Lena river. This is the largest reserve in the territory of Baikal where all landscapes of north the Baikal region – from relict steppes and mountain forest-steppe to mid-mountain and mountain taiga and highlands with alpine tundra belts, cedar pine forests, mountain tundra and alpine meadows. All landscapes of the reserve are natural and almost not disturbed by man.
In the huge reserve big population of Barguzin sable, brown bear, otter, musk deer, Far Eastern red deer, wild reindeer and moose. Special protection – guarantee of viable populations of animals and plants of Baikal region. Nature reserve is gene pool preserving the whole diversity of natural communities.
Most of the reserve is closed to visitors, but there are three tourist routes. This is a sport rafting along the Lena River, a hiking route that leads along the reserved shore of Baikal to the sacral shamanic Rytyi cape and a route along the Baikal lake surface Acquaintance with the reserved shore. In the summer route is on water, in winter it route is performed by car. This route is also known as the "shore of brown bears". It runs along the reserved coast. During the excursion you can meet the inhabitants of the reserve, most often bears and Far Eastern red deer, and arrange photo hunting.
The Baikal-Lena Reserve is part of the Baikal natural territory, which has the status of the World Natural Heritage Site Lake Baikal.
The Lena river. Photo - Viktor Mikhaylenko
Tofalar sanctuary. Photo - Anton Stolbov
Best time for visit: The time to visit the reserve is limited by the availability of three existing routes. You can raft along the Lena from July to September, go along the hiking route Cape Onholoy - Rytyi cape - from July to October. The route Acquaintance with the protected shore is open during navigation (May-October) and after the formation of a stable ice cover (February-March), meetings with animals are most likely from March to June.

What to see: the upper reaches of the great Siberian river Lena, a wild, untouched taiga with many traces of its inhabitants, shamanic Rynyi cape, bears and Far Eastern red deer on the coastal slopes of the mountains.

How to get to: visiting the reserve is provided only within the framework of tourist routes, accompanied by its employees. Delivery to the starting point of the routes is possible by water or ice of Lake Baikal by transport of the Reserve Baikal region or by private transport agreed with the administration of the Reserve Baikal region.

From Irkutsk, you shall drive by car to the coast, then move along Lake Baikal to one of the lodges of the reserve.

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