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Khakassky Nature Reserve

Republic of Khakassia
The state Khakassky Nature Reserve is one of the few corners of the planet where human activity has not resulted in irreversible changes in natural ecosystems. In the taiga areas of the reserve, virgin forests have been preserved. Steppes and barrows are replaced by river valleys and lake hollows. The uniqueness of the Khakass steppes is given by rocky outcrops with bizarre outlines and elevations resembling miniature volcanoes of regular shape. In the nature reserve there are more than 20 lakes with different degrees of mineralization of water - from fresh to very salty.
In the Khakassky Nature Reserve, unique archaeological monuments are preserved, connected with the history and culture of the peoples of Khakassia. These are medieval fortresses, complexes of barrows of III - II centuries BC, traces of settlements of the Neolithic period, petroglyphs and pisanitsy. On the site of Oglakhty monuments of ancient rock painting of Khakassia with the age not less than 6 thousand years are concentrated.
The Altai-Sayan mountainous country, located in the center of the Eurasian continent, is included in the Global-200 WWF - a list of virgin or little-changed ecoregions of the world, where 90% of the planet's biodiversity is concentrated.
The best time for visit is May-November.

What to see: Lake Shira, Itkul, Beleu, Ulug-Kol, Azyr-Tal ridge, archaeological monuments on the Oglakhty site, the Museum of Nature.
On the territory of the reserve educational tours for bird-watchers, botanical and ethnographic excursions are organized. Sports types of tourism are offered: apline, equestrian, water, etc.

How to get to: the nearest city is Abakan (30 km), there is an office of the reserve. From Moscow to Abakan you can go by plane or train.
Phone: +7-3902352204