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Lazovsky Nature Reserve

Primorsky Krai
Lazovsky Reserve and Zov Tigra National Park (Call of the Tiger National Park) are located in the south-eastern part of the Primorye Territory, on the slopes of Sikhote-Alin ridge, faced to Sea of Japan. This is the territory of broad-leaved and soft-wood forests, mountain rivers and forest lakes, hot mineral springs and picturesque sea beaches.
Many representatives of wildlife and plant world of past epochs are preserved in the Primorye Terrotory: Manchurian walnut, Japanese yew, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan chamois, Sika deer, azure-winged magpie. Cold-loving species are also spread in the Primorye: birch, fir, larch, brown bear, wolverine, sable.
Amur tiger is the symbol of Lasovksy Reserve and Zov Tigra national park. On the western coast of Sea of Japan the guest can observe traces of rare tabby cats habitat, get acquainted with methods of studying animals, included in the International Red Book.
You should visit Lasovsky Reserve at the ned of May-beginning of June to visit the biggest at far East Jew grove, where at this time forest poppies are blooming as motley sparks.
The tiger. Photo - V. Medvedev
Best time for visit: May-September

What to see: Lasovsky Reserve - jew grove on the Petrov Island, Zarya lake, bys and islands of the Sea of Japan, bay of Singing Sand, breeding ground, Museum of Nature of Lasovsky Reserve. Zov Tigra National Park – mounts Sestra, Brat, Oblachnaya, Snezhnaya, rivers Milogradovskaya and Milogradovsky waterfall, larch grove in Muta area.

How to get to: To get to the Lazovsky Reserve, you need to go to the Lazo village, where the central house is located.
By bus: bus Vladivostok-Preobrazhenie (a settlement in Lazovsky district on the coast of the Sea of Japan) departs daily from Vladivostok. The road of the regional significance Nakhodka-Lazo-Olga operates. Intercity bus go on it, including ones from Vladivostok. You can get from Partizansk or Nakhodka.
By sea: on the sea water area you can get from Vladivostok to the Preobrazhenie village (distance - 195 kilometers), and from there to Lazo. Two settlements are connected by the road P448. However, there is no regular sea passenger traffic.
By train: The nearest railway station to Lazo is Uglekamensk about 60 kilometers from the village.
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