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Orenburg Nature Reserve

Orenburg Oblast
In the Orenburg nature reserve unique steppe ecosystems of the Trans-Volga region, the Southern Urals, the Urals and the Trans-Ural region are preserved. For the guests of the reserve, several ecological routes have been prepared, which allow breathing the air of the real steppe world. In May, you can see the mass flowering of Shrenk and Bieberstein tulips, which cover the reserved steppe with a colorful carpet. In June – you can immerse yourself into the agitated sea of feather grass listening the morning singing of the larks. During the whole summer, you can visit the steppe inhabitants and get to know them better. The picturesque Banditskie Mountains are accessible all year round.
The main issue that unites all ecological routes of the reserve is an opportunity to see in the reserve steppe, in natural environment, a unique animal that has long disappeared from the wild nature - Przhevalsky's horse. Here, in the territory of the reserve area "Preduralskaya steppe," the first in Russia Przewalski horse reintroduction center was created in 2015, where a program of the population of this species restoration is successfully implemented.
The field of Orenburg Nature Reserve. Photo - Igor Shpilenok
Przewalski's horses. Photo - Nataliya Sudets
Przewalski's horses. Photo - Nataliya Sudets
The best time for visit: from May to September.

What to see: The Przewalski horse reintroduction center, Banditskie mountains, the Kainar Shaitan-Gora spring, burial mounds belonging to the Sarmatian culture of the 7th-3rd centuries BC, as well as of the tribes of the late nomads of the Middle Ages.

How to get to: By car from Orenburg. Distance to the reserve areas:
Orenburg - Pre-Urals Steppe - 119 km
Orenburg - Burtynskaya Steppe - 156 km
Orenburg - Aituarskaya Steppe - 212 km
Orenburg - Talovskaya steppe - 363 km
Orenburg - Aschisayskaya Steppe - 535 km
Orenburg - reserve Shaitan-Tau - 234 km
Orsk - reserve Shaitan-Tau - 130 km
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