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Valdai National Park

Novgorod Oblast
The National Park Valdai is an island of wildlife between two megalopolises: Moscow and St. Petersburg. For those who are tired of the fuss of big cities, it's time to get acquainted with the Valdai earth. A combination of lacustrine-hilly relief and emerald forests gives special charm of the park. The main treasure of these places is lakes, there are a lot of them and they are very different.
The tourist infrastructure of the national park is designed for people who are accustomed to living in the field and guests, for whom comfort is important. On the shores of picturesque lakes there are tourist camping where wildlife lovers can be accommodated in tents. For more demanding visitors the hotel works (in the hotel there is a visit-center of the park).
During the excursions in the national park Valdai guests get acquainted with the peculiarities of flora and fauna, with the cultural and historical heritage of the Valdai land. You can come here with the whole family.
The National Park Valdai is included in the international system of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.
Valdai National Park. All fading in the haze. Photo - Timophey Shutov
Valday - The land of lakes and forests. Photo - Timophey Shutov
The best time for visit is March-October.

What to see: an interactive exposition Journey from Seliger to Borovno in the visit-center of the park, Valdai Iversky monastery, ecological trail Forest secrets, Ivanyi pereleski, cultural and landscape complex Tekunok, educactional and entertaining trail for children Pathfinder.

How to get to: By train: from Moscow: train 010A Pskov-Moscow to the station Valdai or by any train, following to St. Petersburg, to the station Bologoe, and then - 40 minutes by taxi. Departure of the train from the Leningrad station. The journey takes 6 hours.
By bus: from St. Petersburg: by bus St. Petersburg-Valdai, through Veliky Novgorod. Departure of bus from the bus station on the Obvodnoy Canal Quay (journey time 7 hours).
By car: on the highway Moscow-Saint-Petersburg.
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