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Voronezhsky Nature Reserve

Voronezh Oblast
Voronezhsky Nature Reserve is located in the European part of Russia, on the territory of Voronezh and Lipetsk regions, in Usman pine forest. A specially protected natural area was created to save the beavers from complete extermination. The reserve played a key role in the restoration of their population on the territory of Russia and European countries. Today, these animals are the main attraction of the reserve, they inhabited all of its territory. You can observe the beavers in a beaver nursery or a two-level aquarium, where the habitat of animals is close to natural one.
One more symbol of Voronezhsky Nature Reserve is red deer. These animals appeared in the reserve thank to aristocratic family Oldeburgskie. Their mansion and castle were located on the territory which today is included in reserve territories. Graceful animals were brought by princess Oldeburgskaya from Germany from her zoo. But after the revolution aristocrats left Russia, and red deer were let go to the forest.
In the territory of central manor of the reserve many facilities are located which are ideal for family time spending, hotel with all accommodations is opened year-round.
Voronezhsky Nature Reserve belongs to the UNESCO International System of Biosphere Reserves.
Voronezhsky Nature Reserve. Photo - S. Zhdanov
The best time for visit all year round.

What to see: the only beaver nursery in Russia, the interactive beaver museum, the nature museum, the rope park Yozhkiny dorozhki, a natural monument - 400-year-old oak on the territory of the reserve manor, an open-air cage complex, eco-paths Malaya and Bolshaya Tcherepakhinskaya, reserve fairy tale.

How to get to: the reserve is located 30 kilometers from Voronezh.
From Moscow: along the M4 highway, then 12 km to Voronezh turn right at the signpost "Rostov" and continue along the bridge to the left. Go to the signpost to Tambov and turn to the bridge, then - to the signpost to Orlovo and turn right, then left. After 25 km you will see a signpost to the reserve.

From Voronezh: along the M4 highway before turning to Rostov or by the Tambov highway to the turning to Orlovo, and then - on the above mentioned way.

Public transport from Voronezh: electric trains Voronezh-Grafskaya, Voronezh-Usman, Voronezh-Ramon and bus No. 310 from the Voronezh railway station to the Grafskaya station.
Phone: +7-4732594548, +7-4732594560