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Dagestan Nature Reserve

Republic of Dagestan
Dagestan Nature Reserve is two reserved areas (the Kizlyar Bay and the Sarykum Barchans) and 3 federal wildlife reserves (Agrakhansky, Samursky and Tlyaratinsky).
Kizlyar Bay and the Agrakhansky Wildlife Reserve are corners of paradise for thousands of birds, replacing each other on nesting, migration and wintering. In the bays there are the largest nesting places in the world and places of nesting of a curly pelican - one of the symbols of the reserve.
The largest isolated sandy massif in Eurasia with colorful and specific flora and fauna is reserved on the Sarykum Barchans site. There are dozens of endemic species of flowers, insects, snakes and birds. The unique relief of the sandy mountain Sarykum, created by the winds has no analogues in Russia.
The pearl of Dagestan - the virgin relict forest of the delta of the Samur River with cristal transparent springs and small rivers-Karasu, impassable wilds and giant trees, whose trunks are densely entwined with evergreens, are protected in the Samursky nature reserve.
All the greatness and beauty of the high mountains of the Eastern Caucasus can be seen in the Tlyaratinsky nature reserve. Here, the original architecture of the auls (villages), the cultural and natural landscapes, the herds of domestic animals and wild ungulates in the mountain meadows are harmoniously combined.
The best time for visit reserve areas and nature reserves can be visited at any time of the year, and there is always something to see here, especially for bird-watchers and wildlife photographers. The most interesting and colorful time is the second half of spring.

What to see: bird gatherings in the Kizlyar and Agrakhansky bays, sandy mountain Sarykum, nature museum, ecological trail and feeding place for vultures on Sarykum, aquaculture ponds, giant plane trees and lianas forest in the Samursky nature reserve, avar auls, high-mountain lakes in the Tlyaratinsky nature reserve.

How to get to: By plane, by train or by bus to the capital of Dagestan - Makhachkala, where the office of the reserve is located. Further all sites and in nature reserves can be reached by buses or by private transport.
Phone: +7-8722628507