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Zeya Nature Reserve

Amur Oblast
Zeya Nature Reserve located in the north mountain area of Amur region stretches from South-west to North-south by 50 kilometers. It occupies the eastern territory od Tukuringr ridge which elevates by 400-1500 meters and is cut with canyons of mountain rivers. One of them – Gilyui river with rapids and riffles.
The reserve is located near the Zeya reservoir, on the bank of which the northernmost in the Far East of Russia oak and lime groves grow. Forests occupy 90% of the reserve territory. When climbing to the tops of Tukuringra, first you need to cross the light larch forests with the ledum cover, then you come to the dark coniferous forests covered with green moss, higher there are located more difficult thickets of cedar pine, and on the plateau-like watersheds there are sections of tundra with shrubby-grassy vegetation.
Unique diversity of butterflies is peculiarity of this place – there are about 1000 species of them here. Rare species include Tukuringra notodontid moths and Menetrier milkweed moth which cannot be met anywhere else in Russia. Ungulate animals of the reserve are Far Eastern red deer, moose and roe deer. Sable and ermine are wide spread.
The best time for visit from March till November, with the exception of August, when the density of bears is high on cedar woods.

What to see: Gilyui Canyon, Zeya Reservoir, mountain tundra.

How to get to: the reserve's base is located in Zeya. The nearest airport is Blagoveshchensk (500 km – by bus, train and bus). The nearest railway station is Tygda of Zabaikalsk Railway (100 km - by bus).
Phone: +7-4165821753