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Kerzhinski Nature Reserve

Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
Kerzhinski Nature Reserve is located in the South trans-Volga region, on the left bank of Kerzhenets river. This terrain is sandy low-inclined valley with mash areas and dunes. River network of the reserve is represented by Kerzhenets river along which the reserve boarder goes and its left tributary streams. All lakes on the territory of the reserve are floodplain ones.
Despite the neighborhood of Nizhny Novgorod, the city with a million inhabitants, large tracts of pine forests are preserved here, in which almost all animals typical of the Middle Volga region can be found. The reserved forests are inhabited with the rare brown bear and lynx that have become rare in the Nizhny Novgorod region, moose, marten and weas are commonly spread here. Beaver colonies are located on small forest rivers, otters and muskrats also live there.
More than 30 turf moors with total area of 4000 hectares are reserved in Kerzhinski Nature Reserve in their original state. This is the ideal place for ornithological watching. Fish hawk, golden eagle, greater spotted eagle, whimbrel, oyster catcher, great grey and other rare bird species nest here. Cranes nest of cranberry bogs and kingfisher – along the Kerzhenets banks.
Biosphere reserve "Nizhny Novgorod Zavolzhye", which includes the territory of the Kerzhenski Reserve, is part of the International System of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO. The Kerzhenski Nature Reserve is part of the wetlands of international importance Kama-Bakaldinsky group of marshes and the Kama-Bakaldinsky mashes international key ornithological territory.
Excursions for children are organized on the territory of the reserve and ecocenter.
The river Kerzhenets. Photo - V. Makarov
The trail "Vishenskoe swamp". Photo - E. Korshunov
The trail "Vishenskoe swamp". Photo - E. Korshunov
Kerzhensky reindeers: mother Lena and son Zinovy. Photo - E. Korshunov
The cherry river. Photo - S. Urbonavichute
The best time for visit is from May to September.

What to see: the Vyshenskoe bog excursion trail, ecocenter of the reserve, natural objects witch's broom, a 200-year-old pine and an old oak tree of three girths, beaver dams and feeding places of muskrat on forest rivers.

How to get to: the territory of the reserve is located 55 km northeast of Nizhny Novgorod (2 hours).

You can get there by car: Asphalt road Bor - Redkino village – Ostankino village - turn on the Bolsheorlovskoe village (on the left) - Zaskochikha village – Orlovo village - Bolsheorlovskoye village - Berezovsky village - bridge across the Kerzhenets river - Rustai village (only 70 km). In the village of Rustai before the second sign "Pedestrian crossing" turn left and after about 250 m the asphalt ends with a turning circle at the ecocenter of the reserve.
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