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Koryaksky Nature Reserve

Kamchatsky Krai
Koryaksky Nature Reserve is the northernmost nature reserve of the Kamchatka Territory. His harsh beauty is hidden from civilization. Only the most courageous travelers solve to go there. The reward for courage is the landscapes of boundless berry tundra, unique views of sea bays and lagoons with breeding grounds and seal rookeries, rocky mountain peaks and waterfalls, the beauty of which makes the heart soar.
One of the most interesting places of the Koryak reserve is the Govena peninsula, washed by the waters of the Bering Sea. Here steep slopes, pointed ridges, cold waters of the gulfs of Korf and Olyutorsky prevail. The coast is animated by about 30 seabird colonies. Near the breeding grounds peregrin falcon are nesting, and along the banks of the river valleys - the gerfalcons.
The gate to the Lavrov bay opens before the travelers a world of picturesque rocks, waterfalls falling from the cliffs, lagoons and sandy beaches. At the mouths of the rivers flowing into the bay, salmon come to spawn, attracting bears, foxes, and wolverines. Often in the water area you can meet whales.
Parapolsky dale site is wetland of international importance, protected by the Ramsar Convention as a big habitat for wetkand and waterfowl.
Koryaksky reserve. Photo - I. Shpilenok
The best time for visit is July-September.

What to see: waterfalls in the Lavrov bay, seals and walruses rookeries on the Govena peninsula, breeding ground, hot springs of the Govena cape, steep cliffs and peaks of the Pylginsky range, autumn carpet of the endless tundra, fountains of whale, spawning run of salmon and bear fishing.

How to get to: By plane from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the journey time is 8-9 hours. You can book tickets and see the flight schedule on the Aeroflot website ( From the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the village of Korf fly time is about 2 hours on a small plane. From Korf to the village of Tilichiki, where the reserve office is located, by ferry during 15 minutes. To get to the reserved territory, you need to go by boat, all-terrain vehicle or a helicopter.
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