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Kostomukshsky Nature Reserve

Republic of Karelia
Kostomukshsky Nature Reserve and Kalevalsky Nature Reserve in Karelia are inviolable territories where habitat of different animal species, transparent lakes, age-old pinewoods and fresh air are preserved. Tourist routes acquaint guests with unique nature of Karelia. Every year boat trips on Kamennoe lake and rafting on the river of the same name, hiking trail In fairy-tale forest are of high interest. Guest from cities who is not accustomed to long time spending in the forest, are offered ecological trail "Chapman path". During a couple of hours guide will tell about customs and traditional local way of life, acquaint with typical local nature.
Project Kalevala villages of White Sea Karelia is included in the UNESCO program World heritage of culture development.
Ducks in a pine forest Photo - I. Georgievsky
The best time for visit is June-September.

What to see: to admire age-old pines and picturesque taiga landscapes, white-moss pinewoods, endless steppes, vast lakes, to visit places where literature Karelian-Finnish epic Kalevala was collected, to raft on rapid rivers and rapids, to visit Kalevala villages.

How to get to: direct train from St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk
You can also go through Finland. Nearest aiport in city Kayani . Kostomukshsky National Reserve is boundary zone so you need to get permit to visit it in Boarder Federal Security Service Directorate in Karelia Republic.
Phone: +7-8142785203