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Losiny Ostrov National Park

Moscow Oblast
Losiny Ostrov National Park located in Moscow and Moscow region has rich history. Since 15th century its modern territory was occupied by hunting areas – favorite place of Russian tsars for falconry and hunting with hounds. Memory of these times is preserved in historical and archeological complex Old Russian hunting located in Alekseevskaya grove. Here ancient settlements, are located, pre-moongolian burial mounds, ruins of palace.
At the beginning of the 19th century, animals cropping and deforestation was prohibited in Losiny Ostrov. Soft-wood and fir forests, mowing meadows, back marshes are preserved here. Today, the Losiny Ostrov National Park is a reserve of wildlife within the boundaries of the largest urban agglomeration in Russia, which has no analogues in the world.
One of the main attractions here is Moose Biostation, where you can contact with animals and get interesting information about the biology and ecology of moose.
This is the ideal place for family travel.
The elk. Photo - V. Solodushkin
The best time for visit all year round.

What to see: the ecological-educational center Russian way of life, the museum Tsar Hunting, Moose biostation, the arboretum in Alekseevsky forest park, the children's ecological education center Red pine, the watchtower for birds on the Chugunny bridge, the valley of the river Yauza.

How to get to: you can get to the park in different ways. One of them is the entrance from the Roterta street, Prokhodchikov street. The nearest metro stations - Medvedkovo and Babushkinskaya, can also go on foot from the "Los" platform of the Yaroslavskaya Railway or from VDNK metro station by bus No. 172, 136. In addition, from the metro station Ulitsa Podbelskogo you can reach part of the park by trams No. 36, 12, 29.
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