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Polistovsky Nature Reserve

Pskov Oblast
Polistovsky is one of the first wetlands reserves in Russia, located in the Pskov region. It protects part of the largest in Europe system of highland moors - Polistovo-Lovatskaya. This is the land of motley moss carpets, saturated with the fragrance of a wild rosemary and pine trees, covered with scarlet splashes of cranberry, threaded with black rivers and lakes. The land of songbirds and sonorous crickets, rustling leaves and plenty of stars. Far from big cities, it does not know the fuss and noise of megalopolis. Time here stopped and gave way to peace and tranquility. Nature lives in harmony with man and is ready to share with him its history and age-old secrets.
On the excursion routes of the reserve you can find yourself among the expanses of the highland moors, see the process of forests restoring after human impact, learn about the life of the most numerous inhabitants of the reserve - beavers, feel how generous and at the same time fragile nature can be.
Polistovsky Nature Reserve. Photo - A. Kolotilin
The best time for visit at any time of the year by appointment.

What to see: the landmark of the reserve is the trail Plavnitskoye Wetland, the route on boats From the wetlands to the ocean, which runs through the territory of the nature monument Polisto Lake, the forest hiking trail Way of the Mokhoviks, the ecological path By Beaver way, route along the wetlands Walk on wetland-shoes. Routes of local residents - a historical tour in the village of Zevlo, a local history excursion to the village museum and the restored school class of the 80s.

How to get to: From Moscow (650 km):
- by car on the highway M9 Moscow - Riga to the city of Velikiye Luki, further to the village Bezhanitsy through Loknya;
- by bus Moscow - Pskov to the village Bezhanitsy;
- by train Moscow - Velikiye Luki or Moscow - Riga from the Riga railway station to the station Velikie Luki, then by bus to the village Bezhanitsy (more conveniently) or by train Velikie Luki - Dno to the station Sushchevo (4 km from the village Bezhanitsy).

From St. Petersburg (450 km):
- by car on the highway M20 St. Petersburg - Kiev to the village of Ludoni, then through the village of Pavy and the town of Porkhov to the village Bezhanitsy;
- by bus St. Petersburg - Velikie Luki to the village Bezhanitsy;
- practically on any train to the south of the Vitebsk railway station (to Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Chisinau, Smolensk, Minsk, Gomel, and also St. Petersburg - Velikiye Luki) to the station Sushchevo (4 km from the village of Bezhanitsy).

From Pskov (200 km):
- by car on the highway M20 St. Petersburg - Kiev through the town Ostrov to the village Novgorodka, then through the town of Pushkinskie Gory and Novorzhev to the village. Bezhanitsy;
- by bus St. Petersburg - Velikie Luki through Loknya to the village Bezhanitsy;
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