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Pribaikalsky National Park

Irkutsk Oblast
Pribaikalsky National Park occupies 470 kilometers of the coast of Lake Baikal to the south of Olkhon Island - from Kultuk village in the south to Kocherikovsky Cape in the north. The park preserves a unique flora and fauna, the largest in the Irkutsk Region collection of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. The local landscapes are diverse and picturesque: they are mountain stony steppes of Priolkhonye, inhabited by relic plants, sand dunes, salty Tazheranskie lakes, dark coniferous pine forests, tundra and gravel beaches on the coasts.
Territory of Pribaikalsky National Park welcomes the main part of Russian and foreign tourists, coming to Baikal lake. Aim of the park is to preserve unique nature provided growing recreational load. There are about 15 trails and routes here, which get visitors acquainted with landscape diversity of Baikal region and interesting nature objects.
The Baikal National Park is part of the Baikal natural territory, which has the status of the World Natural Heritage Site "Lake Baikal".
Pribaikalsky National Park. Photo - A. Tanichev
The best time for visit the park is attractive to visitors almost all year round, except for periods of the off-season - April, November-December, but even at this time there is something to see.

What to see: hiking trail Listvyanka-Buguldeyka along the coast of Bailkal, with length about 120 km; ancient Tazheranskie steppes with its island mountains and petroglyphs, ski routes, Olkhon island, picturesque Baikal capes and bays.

How to get to: By car: the main entrances to the Pribaikalsky National Park are roads from Irkutsk to the towns of Listvyanka, Bolshoye Goloustnoye and Buguldeika.

By water transport: in summer, you can get to the coastal attractions of the Baikal National Park by water. The most diverse water transport is offered by private companies on piers in Listvyanka. Scheduled travels from Irkutsk and Listvyanka to settlements bordering the national park are performed by vessels of the East Siberian River Shipping Company. Olkhon Island is separated from the mainland by the Olkhonskie vorota pass. In summer the ferry runs regularly through the pass.

In winter, with the formation of a stable ice cover you can get to the island by the ice crossing on an ice-prepared car or an air-cushion ship. During the freeze-up period and the spring melting of ice, it is impossible to reach the island. Difficulties with ferrying can arise from the end of November to February and in April-May.
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