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Smolensk Lakeland National Park

Smolensk Oblast
Smolenskoye Poozerye National Park is one the largest national parks of central European part of Russia. Configuration of the park is almost perfect rhombus. Maximum distance from the west to the east – 55 km, from north to south – 50 km. Its unique landscape is the result of last glacierization which left high hill ridges, cut with river valleys and 35 lakes, all of unique beauty. Bigger part of the territory is covered with forests. Animals in the park territory is typical for forest fauna. Moose, wild boar, bear, wolf, fox, lynx, hare, beaver, ermine and vair. Poozerye is the real kingdom of birds. Aquatic and semi-aquatic species nest on the picturesque river banks and woodlands.
The history of Poozerye is rich. Many centuries ago here was a part of a lively waterway From the Varangians to the Greeks. Here from 1881 to 1888 a great Russian traveler and explorer Nikolai Przhevalsky lived and worked.
The national park Smolenskoye Poozerie is included in the International System of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO. It is included in the list of ornithological territories of international importance.
White storks
The best time for visit from June 15 to August 10. This is the most optimal period for swimming, the water temperature in rivers and lakes reaches 20-22 ° C. Autumn is a good time for walks in the forest, gathering mushrooms and berries, hiking. In winter you can take pleasure of such entertainments as skiing routes, tobogganing, ice fishing and others. Recreation in spring is favored with the appearance of fresh greens, the first flowers. Therefore, the climatic conditions of this period are especially useful for trips to the forest, going on boats and kayaks.

What to see: Museum of partisans' honor, mineral spring Svyatoy kolodets, Sapsho lake, archeological monument of old Russian city Verzhavsk and burial mounds dated VIII—XIII centuries, military fortifications, places of Great Patriotic War battles, house-museum of N.M.Przhevalsky, orthodox churches, ecological path "Predanya stariny glubokoi (A dimly remembered world)".

How to get to: the park is located 120 km from Smolensk. You can get there by regular bus to Przhevalskoe from the bus station in Smolensk and Demidov, by car on the Moscow-Minsk and Smolensk-Velizh roads, turning behind Demidov to Przhevalskoe settlement.
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