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Ubsunur hollow Nature Reserve

Tyva Republic
The Ubsunur hollow is a natural complex of the Ubsu-Nur lake basin, on the territories of Russia and Mongolia. The reserve with the same name is located in the Republic of Tyva of the Russian Federation. Here all types of landscapes, typical for Siberia and Central Asia are collected. This natural mosaic is truly unique - the highlands with glaciers, tundra and flowering alpine meadows adjoin the coniferous forests, wetlands, steppes and deserts.
Ubsunur hollow is inhabited by a snow leopard, a red wolf, a lynx, a wolverine, an Altai snowcock. Here you can meet relic species of animals and plants, preserved from ancient times due to the protection of the basin from external disasters.
Petroglyphic drawings and stone statues located on the territory of the reserve are of great interest for historians and archaeologists. The ancient Buddhist chapels are harmoniously combined with into the original natural landscape. Many cultural and historical sights are considered sacred for Buddhists.
The Ubsunur Hollow reserve is part of the UNESCO International System of Biosphere Reserves.
The territories of the transboundary Russian (Ubsunur Hollow) and the Mongolian (Uvs-Nuur) are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in the single nomination Lake Uvs Nuur Basin.
Mongun-Taiga. V. Gorbatovsky
The best time for visit is June-August.

What to see: arid sands Zugeer-Els, unique salt lakes, high mountains Mongun-Taiga, the foot of the mountain Yamaalyg, where there are many burial places of the Scythians and Huns, the Tsagaan-Shibetu ridge. The reserve offers a tour on the catamarans along the river Kantegir, on the shore of Lake Tore-Khol you can live in a real Tuvan yurt.

How to get to: the nearest city is Kyzyl. There is a representation of the reserve, where you will be explained how to get to its territory.
There are no direct flights from Moscow to Kyzyl. From the capital of Russia you can go by plane to Krasnoyarsk or Novosibirsk, then to Kyzyl by taxi or intercity bus.
You can fly from Moscow to Irkutsk or Tomsk. From these cities to Kyzyl regularly buses run.
From Moscow by plane or train you can get to Abakan (the capital of the Republic of Khakassia). It is located 400 km from Kyzyl. From there, there is a direct bus to Kyzyl or Krasnoyarsk - Kyzyl..
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