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Chyornye Zemli Nature Reserve

Republic of Kalmykia
Chyornye Zemli Nature Reserve in the Republic of Kalmykia was created to restore the number of saigas and their habitat - arid ecosystems. Here, biological diversity and the gene pool of steppe and semidesert natural complexes are preserved.
Despite the desert landscape, the reserve is inhabited by dozens of species of animals. The symbol of a reserved natural area is the saiga. In Russia, these relict steppe antelopes can be found only here. The huge salt lake Manych-Gudilo annually hosts thousands of migrating birds on its smooth surface and shores. On the islands in the middle of the pond there are nests of pink and Dalmatian pelicans, cormorants, mute swans, seagulls, herons, waders and other birds. In April, the Chyornye Zemli flare up with a bright flame of tulips: flowering steppes is unforgettable view!
The Reserve is included in the UNESCO International system of biosphere reserves. Ornithologic area of Manych Gudilo lake is certified as swamplands of international importance as the most important habitat of waterfowl, protected under Ramsar Convention.
Tulips. Photo - G. Lagunin
Tulips. Photo - E. Lavgaev
Pink pelicans. Photo - G. Yusin
The best time for visit visiting the reserve is possible all year round, but it is worth remembering that April is the time of flowering of tulips, and in the summer months there is a higher probability of encountering a rare antelope-saiga.

What to see: Pyatisotka island (Tulip Island), pink salty Mekletinsky lakes, nesting of pink and Dalmatian pelicans on Lake Manych Gudilo, gopher villages, fields of wild poppies and steppe herbs.

How to get to: To the Komsomolsky village, in which the administration of the reserve is located, you can get by road. For this you need to move along the P216 road from Elista in the east direction, from Astrakhan - in the western direction. In the Yashkul village turn south. In order to visit the ornithological area, it is necessary to move along the P216 roes from Elista to the south-west, from Stavropol - to the north-east. In the Divnoe village, turn towards Manychskoe and go to the Yashalta village.
Phone: +7-8474391254
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