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Shulgan-Tash Nature Reserve

Bashkortostan Republic
Shulgan-Tash Nature Reserve is located in the western foothills of mountain-wood area of the South Urals, in Bashkortostan Republic. The nature reserve was organized to preserve and study Burzyan wild hive bee. This species can not be met anywhere else in the world and is the symbol of the region. On the territory of the reserve traditional for Bashkir people honey framing – wild-hive beekeeping is carried out. Guests here are invited to honey-devoted tours.
The resrve keeps memories of the ancient times. On its territory unique natural monument, cultural and archeological heritage – Shulgan Tash (Kapova) with rock painting of paleolithic era – is located. Ancient people left for modern descendants pictures of people, mammoths, bison, horses, huts and different geometric figures. Paintings are performed mainly with sienna, some – with coal. Their arrangement and meaning gives the possibility for scientists to suggest that in ancient times cave served as sacrarium.
The Shulgan-Tash Nature Reserve is part of the International System of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO.
Shulgan-Tash Nature Reserve. Photo - O. Menkov
The best time for visit is May-October.

What to see: Shulgan-Tash Cave (Kapova), Belaya River, museum and excursion complex, playground Ancestors encampment, museum of beekeeping history, apiary, Pchelinny les hote.

How to get to: the nearest settlement to the reserve is Starosubkhangulovo settlement. You can reach it by bus from Ufa or Beloretsk. From Starosubkhanguulovo to the entrance to Shulgan-Tash is another 20 km, on which you can take a taxi or get a ride. Camping for tourists is located at the entrance to the reserve, in the recreation zone.
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