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Baikal Nature Reserve

Irkutsk Oblast
The Baikal Biosphere Reserve preserves the nature of the picturesque and unique Khamar-Daban Range stretching along the southern and southeastern coasts of Lake Baikal.
Have You ever seen a poplar which girth is of triple large, grass which height is in the growth of a man, and sables at arm's length? Have not seen, then come to the Baikal Nature Reserve! Here you can admire the nature of the harsh taiga forests and embrace the mighty cedar - a symbol of the Siberian taiga, refresh yourself with the coolness of wild rivers, springs and waterfalls with crystal clear water, and revive yourself with the energy of Baikal.
Here there are unique high mountain virgin forests. Some plant species have survived from distant geological epochs; they are rare and endemic. Cognitive routes and excursion programs for all groups of visitors exist in the reserve. Reserve routes allow you to see the variety of nature of the Baikal region: cedar forests, taiga rivers, high-mountain meadows and lakes, upland bogs, habitats of rare plants, animals and birds.
Under the umbrella of the federal institution Baikal State Reserve state reserve Kabansky is located in the delta of the river Selenga. This territory is included in the List of Ramsar wetlands, is one of the key ornithological territories of Asia. Also, the institution provides management of the state reserve Altacheysky. A unique corner of wildlife on the western slope of the Zaganskiy range in the Selenga mid-mountain area of Buryatia, places for observations and photo-hunting for the Far Eastern red deer, wood grouse, roe deer.
The Baikal Nature Reserve is included in the international system of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.
The territory of the Baikal Biosphere Reserve and the Federal Wildlife Refuge Kabansky is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site Lake Baikal.
Baikal Nature Reserve
Grey crane. Kabanskiy zakaznik. Photo - A. Bezrukov.
The Khamar-Daban range, Baikal Nature Reserve. Photo - A. Bezrukov.
The Black grayling, Baikal reserve. Photo - A. Bezrukov
The Rhododendron Adams, Baikal reserve. Photo - A. Bezrukov
The Chipmunk Asian. Photo - S. Harvanchik
The Waterfall in Baikal Nature Reserve. Photo - S. Pshonkin
The best time for visit is July-September.

What to see: the eco-path Kedrovaya Alley - Mounted Marsh, the waterfall Zapovedny, the wilderness of the Khamar-Daban, the high mountain shelter Medvezhiy Ugol, the modern visit-center Baikal Zapovedny, the historical-memorial complex Baikalskaya pereprava, the ringing station Baikal, the delta of the Selenga, forest-steppe lands of the Altacheysky reserve.

How to get to: By plane / train to Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude, then by train or by car to Tanhui station / village.
Phone: +7-3013893725