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Nature Park Ergaki

Krasnoyarsky Krai
The nature park Ergaki is one of the most popular tourist brands in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Natural complexes and park facilities have their unique ecological and aesthetic value. In addition to the amazing objects of inanimate nature, there is great biological diversity. The ridge Ergaki, which gave the name to the park, is very compact. There was a time when in this place molten magma rose from the depths of the earth, but it did not reach the surface and gradually cooled and formed strong rocks - granites. Later, in the process of mountain building, weaker rock formations were destroyed, and granites in the form of steep rock peaks occupied the highest points of the ridge.
Taiga landscapes, mountain peaks, steep slopes, stone placers and pearls of lakes with clear water attract thousands of tourists every year. The park is unique with variety of flora. Ergaki is a real "pearl" of the Western Sayan. At the end of June the plains of the park are flooded with a sea of flowers. Fiery sparkles of Siberian globeflower cover the alpine meadows of the park.
Various types of summer and winter tourism and recreation are developing in the park, ski slopes for skiing are equipped. You can go here with the whole family.
The Fiery field. The Globe Asian. Photo - Arkadiy Dubovik
The hanging stone. Photo - Konstantin Khilko
The Lake Rainbow. Photo - Evgeniy Lyhin
The Lake Light. Photo - Konstantin Khilko
The best time for visit is all year round.

What to see: The hanging stone which is a granite- syenitic plate lying on the edge of the rock, the high-mountainous Lake Raduzhnoe, the rocky ridge Sleeping Sayan, Lake Svetloe, the Ptitsa and Zvezdny peaks, the Stone Town, the Khudozhnikov mountain pass , the rock formation Bratiya, the Lake Mramornoe.

How to get to: From the north to the south, the territory of the Ergaki Nature Park is crossed by the federal highway M-54 Yenisei. All tourist bases are located along the route from 605 to 640 km. Most of the hiking paths start from the road.
Most convenient way to get to the natural park "Ergaki" is by personal transport. Also daily scheduled buses Krasnoyarsk-Kyzyl, Abakan-Kyzyl, Ermakovskoe-Usinsk-Kyzyl drive on this road, for which you can buy tickets at the ticket offices of bus stations of the corresponding settlements. Bus stops within the boundaries of the Ergaki Nature Park are carried out at the request of passengers at the place indicated by them.
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