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Leopard Land National Park

Primorsky Krai
Leopard Land National Park in Primorsky Krai is the home of the world's only population of the rarest large cat, the Far Eastern leopard. The neighbors of this predator are Amur tigers, brown and Himalayan bears, wild boars, spotted deer, Far Eastern red deer, roe deer, badgers, raccoon dogs and other animals. The nature of the park is unique - it is the richest region of the Far East of Russia in biological diversity. Cedars and oaks, fir and spruce, maples, limes, ash trees, birches, relic tis and dimorphant grow here.
You would unlikely see the owner of these places - Far Eastern leopards are secret in their habits and perfectly camouflage themselves against the background of rocks. But guests of the national park have the opportunity to walk with the animal paths. Throughout the route Leopard's Lair there are traces of wild cats. The most exciting part of the trip is the ascent to the Mountain Skalistaya, whose caves periodically serve as a refuge for spotty predators. The biggest one is Barbashevskaya. Near its entrance there are photo traps, the guide checks them with tourists and shows the latest pictures of leopards.
Kedrovaya Pad' reserve. Photo - Toshiji Fukuda
Leopard Land National Park. Photo - Elena Shevtsova
Leopard Land National Park. Photo - I. Rakov
Leopard Land National Park. Photo - G. Sedash
Leopard Land National Park. Photo - V. Shevcova
The best time for visit all year round.

What to see: Barbashevskaya platform for feeding ungulates, caves in Mountain Skalistaya, defensive installations from the times of the battles of the USSR with Japanese and Chinese troops.

How to get to: the visit-center of the National Park Land of the Leopard is located in the village of Barabash in Khasansky district of Primorye. You can get to the village by intercity bus from Vladivostok (travel time is about 3 hours). In summer, you can make a trip by ferry from the seaside capital to the village of Slavyanka, and then by bus to Barabash.
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