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Kenozersky National Park

Arkhangelsk Oblast
Kenozersky National Park is unique reserved area in the Arkhangelsk region, where Nature, Culture and Man have merged. the natural heritage and traditions of ancient Russian nature management are carefully preserved here, here there are over one hundred objects of cultural heritage, the richest ethnographic material. This is a place of strength, a territory of harmony and serene muted beauty of the northern region. On the picturesque banks of the Kenozero ancient villages stretched with chapels, whose vaults are decorated with painted "skies" and faces of saints.
In Kenozerye you can live a real village life: sleep on an old bed under a patchwork quilt, go to haymaking, make a nice village toy with your own hands, leave your message in one of the forty kenozersk wooden chapels. You will be taught to bake local baking – "lekshmozerskie kalitki" and "kenozerskie vitushki" and invited to the winter fishing holiday Nalim Nalimych.
You should come here with children, in Kenozerye there is a family multi-day route Park on a horse.
Glazovo in the fog. Photo - I. Shpilenok
Kenozersky national Park. The cultural landscape.
Summer in Glazovo. Kenozersky National Park. Photo - D. Korganov
Masel'ga. The heart of the Kenozersky national Park. Photo - V. Shtrik
St. Nicholas chapel of the XVIII century - the symbol of the Kenozersky national Park. Photo - K. Kokoshkin
The system of five lakes. Photo - A. Parshakov
The Pochozersky temple complex in the Kenozersky national Park. Photo - E. Mazilov
Porzenski the churchyard of the XVIII century. Photo - K. Kokoshkin
The best time for visit park can be visited at any time of the year. June is the month of the "white nights".

What to see: Architectural park Kenozersky spillikas, landscape theater Northern equator, Pochezersky churchyard, land of lakes Lekshmozerie, ancient Russian chapels and temples, Rukhlyadny ambar exposition, workshops, Zekhnovskaya flour-mill, museum complex Ambarny ryad, museum In the beginning there was a word, the largest lake in the park - Kenozero.

How to get to: By car: From Moscow and Vologda on the main federal highway M8 Moscow - Vologda - Velsk, then on the road P2 Dolmatovo - Nyandoma - Kargopol - Morshchikhinskaya.
From Arkhangelsk on the highway M8, then R2 Brin-Navolok - Yemza-Plesetsk - Konevo - Kargopol - Morshchikhinskaya.
Or: Arkhangelsk - Kholmogory - Bereznik, then R2 Dolmatovo - Nyandoma - Kargopol - Morshchikhinskaya.
From St. Petersburg - through Vologda on the road Dolmatovo - Nyandoma - Kargopol - Morshchikhinskaya.
Or: through Pudozh, after crossing the border of the Arkhangelsk region turn to the village of Morshchikhinskaya.
Moving by car from the Kargopolsky sector of the Park to Plesetsk along the route Morshchikhinsky - Kargopol - Vershinino will take 3-3.5 hours.
By public transport: From Moscow and St. Petersburg - by trains to Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk, to the station. Nyandoma.
From Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk region - by train to the station Nyandoma.
Further by bus Nyandoma - Kargopol, Kargopol - Morshchikhinskaya. You can take a taxi. The journey takes about 3 hours.
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