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Kivach Nature Reserve

Karelia Republic
Kivach is the reserve heart of Karelia, the land of white nights, evergreen giant forests, harsh rocks, rapid rivers and blue lakes. The Kivach Reserve is located almost in the center of the republic, this small islet is called Karelia in Miniature. All features of the nature of the northern region of Russia are collected in the polygonal boundaries of the protected land. This place, filled with the smell of taiga, with a large palette of colors, unique landscapes, a record high for Karelia variety of flora and fauna.
The territory of the reserve is one of the few places on Earth where the oldest rock formations come to the surface and where you can see the results of a large-scale geological event - the last glaciation in the history of the Earth. Near the central manor of the reserve there is the picturesque plain waterfall Kivach - the main attraction here. In the arboretum under the open sky among the plants brought from different continents, the Karelian birch grows. By sight, an ordinary-looking tree has gained worldwide fame because of the color and beauty of the wood pattern.
Sopohsky pinewood. Photo - A. and N. Fedosov
Sopokhsky Pinewood - a spacious pinewood -giant with a continuous cover of mosses and lichens. Bright decoration of green carpets - berry bushes: blueberries and lingonberries.
Island Rudnik. Photos - A. and N. Fedosov
The picturesque island serves as a reminder of the large-scale mining works that were conducted for two centuries in the territory where the reserve was subsequently formed.
The Suna River. Photo - O. Efimova
The bank of the river Suna is covered with a carpet of meadow plants, it is decorated with mighty pine trees and graceful spruce trees. There is an ecological path here.
Kivach - the second largest waterfall in the plains of Europe, the waterfall is about 8 thousand years old and almost 11 m high. It is formed by the river Suna, which breaks down four rocky ledges.
Ecological path 1500 steps to nature. Photos - A. Svetov
An excellent addition and decoration of the ecological path are the wooden art objects of the Nikola-Lenivets craft, depicting the inhabitants of the taiga forest.
The best time for visit is May-October.

What to see: Kivach waterfall and arboretum, open-air nature museum, Sopokhsky pinewood and Zhelezisty springs, Rudnik Island. To get acquainted with all the features of the protected area, several ecological routes have been created. The open-air nature museum is equipped with a parking place, descents to a waterfall, other infrastructure facilities. On the territory there is a cafeteria, an exhibition pavilion.

How to get to: The reserve is located in the Republic of Karelia, Kondopoga district, the village of Kivach Falls. You can get here by bus from the Petrozavodsk bus station, the journey time is about 1.5 hours; Distance from Petrozavodsk is 60 km.
Phone: +7-8145133220