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Curonian Spit National Park

Kaliningrad Oblast
The Curonian Spit National Park is natural and cultural heritage of Russia and Lithuania. This is the world's largest sand bay bar located on the southeast coast of the Baltic Sea. The Curonian Spit is divided by the state border approximately in half. The southern part of the peninsula belongs to the Zelenogradsky district of the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation, the northern part belongs to Lithuania. Constant winds create exceptional dune landscapes here. Due to the unusual relief and special microclimate on the Curonian Spit, there is an amazing biological diversity. Pine forests, birch forests and extensive lichen fields neighbor with sand dunes. Above the park there is a bird migration route, linking Finland, Karelia and the Baltic states with southern Europe and Africa. On the coast you can meet marine mammals - ringed seals and common seals.
Archaeological monuments of different historical epochs are preserved in the national park: seasonal fishing sites, ground burials, early medieval settlements and medieval order fortifications. The peninsula preserves evidence of staying of the ancient Indo-Europeans, the western Balts, Scandinavians and Germans.
The Curonian Spit is an ideal place for a family holiday. There is an interactive complex, a children's playground and a collection of wooden sculptures. The main thing is to take with you comfortable clothes protecting from the wind, shoes with non-slipping soles and repellents from blood-sucking insects.
In 2000, the Curonian Spit was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The Curonian Spit. Photo - Airpano
The Curonian Spit. Photo - Airpano
The Curonian Spit. Photo - Airpano
The Curonian Spit. Photo - Airpano
The Rybachiy. Photo - Airpano
The best time for visit is May-September.

What to see: The Royal pinewood, the height of Mueller, the dancing forest, the height of Efa, the Lake Lebed, the Rossetten forest, the water excursion along the Curonian gulf by boat, the Fringilla - the field station of the Biological Station of the Zoological Institute, Ancient Sambia, the village of the Viking Age, arboretum, open-air museum, museum of Russian superstitions.

How to get to: In Kaliningrad region you can arrive by plane. Khrabrovo Airport is 15 km from Kaliningrad and 15 km from Zelenogradsk, bordering the Curonian Spit National Park. Between the airport and the regional center there is a regular bus departing every hour that arrives at the city bus station. The connection between the airport and Zelenogradsk is only by taxi.
By public bus Kaliningrad-Klaipeda (departs from the bus station).
By public transport with a changing in Zelenogradsk: Electric trains on suburban lines, including Zelenogradsk, depart from the Northern and Southern stations of Kaliningrad. From these same stations to Zelenogradsk there are regular buses. Having reached Zelenogradsk, you need to make a change to regular buses going to the Curonian Spit, or take a taxi.
By ferry: Ferries run between the Kaliningrad region and St. Petersburg in the summer and arrive in Baltiysk, from where you can get to Kaliningrad by bus or electric train.
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