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Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve

Moscow Oblast
The Zablotsky Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve is the only one in the Moscow Region and one of the smallest in Russia. It is an islet of wild nature in the most densely populated region of the country, the pearl of the Moscow region. The reserve covers an area of 4 960 hectares on the terraces of the Oka River valley. This is a unique area in its natural diversity with pine and mixed forests, oak forests and linden trees, small rivers, streams and marshes, meadows and patches of steppe vegetation in the zone of broad-leaved forests. Here you can observe the life of animals and birds in their natural habitat.
The reserve symbol is bison. This is the largest ungulate animal in Europe, a wild forest bull, which was recently on the verge of extinction. At the end of 1948, the Central Bison farm was organized in the Prioksko-Terrasniy Nature Reserve, the first inhabitants of which were four bison brought from Poland. Since 1950, more than 600 animals have been born in the farm. Beginning since 1961, youngsters, grown up to a year and a half or two, are sent to replenish free-living populations.
The reserve belongs to the International System of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO.
Cavill. Photo - A. Kulichenko
The Waxwing. Photo - A. Kulichenko
Zubrytsya with the baby. Photo - A. Kulichenko
Dormouse. Photo - A. Kulichenko
Crested tit. Photo - A. Kulichenko
The best time for visit all year round.

What to see: a bison farm, a complex background monitoring station, an ecological park Tree-house, a high-altitude ecological path Through the leaves, the art object Seasons, a museum of nature and a hut of leshy Terrace of Terrasovich for children.
Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve is an ideal place for walking and time spending with family.

How to get to: By car: from Moscow to the South along the Warsaw Highway (E-95), then - along the Simferopol (M-2), after passing the kilometer sign 97 km, turn right at the sign Serpukhov/Danki. Further - to the left to Danki, under the automobile bridge and to go straight about 4 km. In the village of Danki, guided by the sign Main road, turn right and, after crossing the bridge over the river Sushka, after 200 m again turn to the right according to the sign Reserve/Tour Desk.
By public transport: an electric train goes from Kursk railway station in Moscow (also for departure it is possible to use metro platforms - Tekstilshchiki and Tsaritsyno) to Serpukhov station. The journey takes about 2 hours. It is most convenient to use electric trains departing from Moscow in the interval 7.45 - 8.30. This will minimize the waiting time for the bus.
From the station square in Serpukhov towards the reserve (the journey time is 35 minutes, stop Zapovednik) there are buses: №31 (Turovo), №41 (Zibrovo) and route taxi No. 25 Serpukhov-Danki. The central farmstead is located at the end of the village Danki, 200 meters from the bus stop Zapovednik.
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