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Prielbrusye National Park

Kabardino-Balkaria Republic
The Prielbrusye National Park is located in Kabardino-Balkaria, within the Main Caucasian and Lateral ranges. The nature of the Prielbrusye attracts lovers of alpine skiing, mountaineering, hiking and horse tourism and everyone who wants to enjoy the views of the majestic Elbrus, snow-capped mountain peaks, picturesque Caucasus gorges. This is the land of grandiose waterfalls and crystal high-mountain lakes, mineral springs and alpine meadows. At the beginning of summer, it's worth to come here to admire the cream and mild pink meadows of the blooming Caucasian rhododendron. A significant part of the park is occupied by pinewoods and birch forests, that's why the air here is extraordinarily clean and filled with the aroma of cedars.
The main ski slopes and ski lifts of Kabardino-Balkaria are located on the slopes of Mount Cheget and Elbrus - the highest peaks in Russia and Europe. In summer, accompanied by instructors, you can climb the extinct volcano Elbrus (height of the Western peak -5642 m, Eastern - 5621 m).
On the territory of the park there are 23 recreational facilities, where about 5,000 people can accommodate during a season. This is an excellent place for family and team recreation.
The best time for visit all year round, except for early spring, when the probability of avalanches is increasing.

What to see: Elbrus volcano, Narzan meadow, Cheget mountain, Gud-mountain, Gily-Su, Valley of "castles", waterfalls on the rivers Kyzyl-Kol and Balyk-Su, German airfield table-land, stone "mushrooms" and lava sculptures.

How to get to: By plane to Mineralnye Vody or to Nalchik. From there to Terskol by bus, route or private taxi. The route from Mineralnye Vody (200 km) takes 3.5-4 hours, from Nalchik (130 km) - 2.5-3 hours.
From the Kazan Railway Station in Moscow daily train to Nalchik departs, and on the trains Moscow - Kislovodsk you can get to Mineralnye Vody or Pyatigorsk. By train Moscow - Vladikavkaz to the Prokhladny. From Prokhladny - by bus to Terskol. From Mineralnye Vody or Nalchik to Terskol by bus, by route or private taxi.
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