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Tigireksky Nature Reserve

Altaisky Krai
Tigireksky Nature Reserve is the pearl of the Altai Territory. There is everything for climbing: steep slopes, steep cliffs and towering heights, from where you can admire magnificent horizons, blue mountains and golden steppe. The reserve fully represents the nature of the Western Altai, there are all high-altitude zones and the main types of its landscape. In the reserve there are mountain-taiga complexes of the black taiga, mountain cedar forests, subalpine and alpine meadows, this is one of the few areas where ecosystems of mountain forest-steppes are under special protection.
The reserve territory keeps a memory of the historical and prehistoric past of the Western Altai. The village of Tigirek stands on the site of a Cossack fortress of the XVII century. In the first half of the 19th century, a valuable beryl mineral was mined here, these industrial works gave name to Mount Razrabotnaya (1961 m). On its southwestern slope you can see beautiful outcrops of rose quartz. The symbol of the reserve is Mount Shlyapnaya, resembling a giant hat with wide soft fields, thrown in the middle of the valley of the Great Tigirek. The most mysterious natural objects of the reserve are numerous caves, some of them have not yet been explored by speleologists. Excursion routes are quite complex and require good physical form.
The mountain Shlapnaya. Photo - Ruslan Olinchuk
The Valley of Big Tigirek. Photo - Alexey Ebel
The mirror of silence. Photo - Solomakhin Denis
The last frost. Photo - Ivan Obraztsov
The dawn mist. Photo - Paul Golyakov
The elk with the calves. Photo - Alexey Gribkov
Morning ginger guest. Photo - Ruslan Olinchuk
The best time for visit is from May to October.

What to see: the Bolshoy Tigirek River, the Razrabotnaya Mountain, the Shlyapnaya Mountain, the Tigirek Silurian section, the Hyena Lair cave, the Tigirek Outpost, the Strasnoy Log, the Strashnaya Cave, the Semipechernaya Mountain.

How to get to: By plane, train or bus to the city of Barnaul. The Herman Titov International Airport is located 17 km from Barnaul. The bus station and the railway station are next to each other, in the city center.
The most optimal auto route to the reserve goes through the settlements: Barnaul-Aleisk-Pospelikha-Kurya-Krasnoshchekovo-Harlovo-Maraliha-Chineta-Tigirek (433km).
By public transport from Barnaul you can get to the village Krasnoshchekovo. Next, you should take a car.
It is possible to go to Tigirek from settlements: Chineta, Semenovka, Bugryshyha only by an off-road vehicle.
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